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Welcome to Wireless Warrior

Wireless Warrior is a WiFi information resource for wlan admins and advanced wardrivers. Finding the best websites is very easy - click through any of the categories, or use the search box to find the web site you need. If you are an author of web site, you can add your web site for free by submitting to this page and following the on-screen instructions.

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  • WLAN Coverage Estimator
    A free interactive online utility to help organizations which are trying to get a better understanding of how 802.11n impacts their environment and to estimate coverage, security and bill-of-materials as well as the cost of Wi-Fi rollouts including 802.11n.
    Category:   Software > other WiFi stuff
  • Cisco Security Advisory: SNMP Trap Reveals WEP Key in Cisco Aironet Access Point
    Cisco Aironet Access Points (AP) running Cisco IOS® software will send any static Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key in the cleartext to the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) server if the snmp-server enable traps wlan-wep command is enabled. Affected hardware models are the Cisco Aironet 1100, 1200, and 1400 series. This command is disabled by default. The workaround is to disable this command. Any dynamically set WEP key will not be disclosed.

    Cisco Aironet AP models running VxWorks operating system are not affected by this vulnerability. No other Cisco product is affected.
    Category:   Advisories

Latest New Additions and Updates

New Wireless home network Home WLAN
Wireless home network the best guide to the wireless technology. Get the facts about wireless internet broadband and usage in your home or office.

Category:   FAQs/Guides > other Wi-Fi Stuff
Standards > RFCs
Updated WlanPollution , Wifi around the world - WlanMap
Symbian NokiaS60 wardriving tool and MAP of access points

Category:   Wardriving

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