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Kenya parliament to vote on amendments meant to improve security

A general view of a special Parliamentary session at Parliament Building waiting to be addressed by Kenya's President Kenyatta in capital NairobiBy Edith Honan NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's parliament is due to vote on Thursday on a bill to let police hold suspects in terrorism-related cases for a year and take other measures that rights activists say would threaten civil liberties and free speech. The proposed amendments to the existing security law, which include extending the time suspects can be held without charge to 360 days from 90 days, follows a spate of attacks by Islamist militants on Kenya's border region with Somalia that has killed dozens of people. ...

Somalia's former prime minister nominated to post again

Somalia's PM Sharmarke speaks at FAO headquarters during a food security summit in RomeBy Omar Faruuq MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somalia's president nominated a former government chief, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, on Wednesday to become prime minister again, hoping to end a period of political turmoil during which two men have been pushed out of the job in less than a year. Parliament voted the last premier, Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, out of office earlier this month. Both he and his predecessor fell out with the president over the make-up of their cabinets. ...

1 dead, several injured as car hits pedestrians
REDONDO BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Police say one person is dead and several are injured after a woman drove into a group of pedestrians outside a Southern California church where a Christmas performance had just ended.
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